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How do I allocate licenses?

Licenses allocation options

  • District admins can allocate licenses per site. Allocating licenses per site will limit the number of licenses each site can use, out of the general number of licenses, the district has purchased for each one of the curricula.
  • District admins can control whether the teachers can allocate students licenses or whether licenses allocation would be done solely by the district/site admins. 
  • District and site admins can allocate/reallocate student licenses for new and repeating students.

Licenses allocation per site

To allocate licenses per site, enter the maximum number of licenses you would like to make available for each site and click "Save".

Licenses Allocation

Allowing teachers to allocate available licenses or controlling licenses allocation solely by the admins

Licenses allocation can be controlled solely by the district/site admins or the admin can delegate licenses allocation to the teachers.

To set licenses allocation so it can be dome on the admins side only, navigate to the district level tab:

Allow teachers to allocate

  • When the "Allow teachers to allocate available licenses" option is enabled (default), licenses can be allocated to students:
    • On-the-fly when teachers assign courses.
    • By the teachers via the licenses tab in the teacher portal.
    • By the admins via the licenses tab in the admin portal.
  • When the "Allow teachers to allocate available licenses" option is disabled, licenses can be allocated to students:
    • Only by the admins via the licenses tab in the admin portal.

Note: Teachers will not be able to assign courses to students that don't have an allocated and valid license assigned by the admin ahead of time.

Licenses allocation to students

To allocate licenses to students whether when the admin chose to control this setting on the admin side or when the admin would like to take part in this process alongside the teachers:

  • Click on the "Allocate" button for the site you would like to allocate student licenses to.
  • Filter the students list per class or work on the full student list.
  • Check the names of the students you would like to allocated licenses to.
  • Click "Save".
  • To deallocated licenses uncheck a name/s and click "Save". When licenses was deallocated:
    • If the student did not start working on the curriculum the license will go back to the licenses pool.
    • If the student started working on a course the student will loose access to the curriculum.
Allocate Licenses