How do I edit my multi-lesson assignment?

Once created, your multi-lesson/assessment assignment can be edited in two places. See below for details.

  • Edit an individual student assignment and multiple student assignments through the course progress tab. 
    • Select the progress tab on the course dashboard to see a gradebook view of your student scores.
    • For students currently enrolled in an assignment, you will see the student-paced icon next to their name.
    • Click on the student-paced icon next to the student name to edit an individual student activity in an assignment.
    • To edit multiple student assignments, select the check mark next to their names and click edit assignment. Then, make the adjustments needed and click okay. 
  • Edit individual student assignments on the student page. 
    • Click the [Students] tab at the top of the screen.
    • Select the student name from the roster on the left-hand side of the screen.
    • Then, select the self-paced icon next to the course title that contains the assignment you need to edit. 
    • Make the adjustments needed and click okay to save.
  • When editing an assignment, you can:
    • Change the assigned lesson materials and assessments. 
    • Adjust checkpoints.
    • Remove the assignment.
    • Copy the assignment link to share in your LMS or Google Classroom. 

Note: Any changes the teacher makes only apply to future student activities. For example, if the student is already working on a lesson and the teacher unchecks it, the student will be allowed to complete it.



  • The lesson students are working on a multi-lesson assignment will have the lesson highlighted in blue on the course progress tab. 
  • Hidden lessons are indicated by the gray striped pattern on the lesson cell in the course progress tab.
  • Only students with self-paced assignments can be selected for bulk assignment editing. 
  • The red exclamation icon appears if the student does not have a license. Try clicking the icon to allocate a license. If you can’t, please get in touch with your site admin.