How do I edit my multi-lesson assignment?

After creating your multi-lesson/assessment assignment, you can make edits in two different locations. Read on for more details.

Manage individual student assignments and multiple student assignments by accessing the course progress tab.
    1. Navigate to the progress tab on the course dashboard to access a comprehensive gradebook view of your students' scores.
    2. Students who are currently participating in an assignment will have the student-paced icon displayed next to their name.
    3. To edit a specific student's assignment within an activity, simply click on the student-paced icon next to their name in the assignment.
    4. To edit multiple student assignments, simply select the checkbox next to their names, click on "edit assignment," make the necessary adjustments, and then click "okay" to save your changes.
Edit individual student assignments on the student page. 
    1. Navigate to the top of the screen and click on the tab labeled [Students].
    2. Choose the student's name from the list on the left side of the screen.
    3. Next, click on the self-paced icon next to the course title where the assignment you want to edit is located. 
    4. Make the necessary adjustments and then click "okay" to save your changes.
    During assignment editing, you have the ability to:
    • Update the lesson materials and assessments assigned to students.
    • Modify checkpoints.
    • Delete the assignment.
    • Share the assignment link with your students by copying it and pasting it into your LMS or Google Classroom for easy access.

Please be aware that any modifications made by the teacher will only impact upcoming student tasks. For instance, if a student is currently engaged in a lesson that the teacher removes, the student will still be able to finish that particular activity.


Here are some helpful tips to enhance your experience with managing student assignments:

- Look for the blue highlight on the course progress tab to identify the lesson students are currently working on within a multi-lesson assignment.

- Easily spot hidden lessons by recognizing the gray striped pattern on the lesson cell in the course progress tab.

- Remember that only students with self-paced assignments can be selected for bulk assignment editing.

- Keep an eye out for the red exclamation icon, which indicates that a student may not have a license. Click on the icon to allocate a license, or reach out to your site admin for assistance.