How do I end a single lesson session?

To see data or close a lesson, you must end the session.

Read the steps below to see how to end a session for each delivery mode. 

    • On the final screen of a front-of-class lesson, teachers can enter the percentage that students earned for this lesson by clicking the pencil icon next to their name. 
    • Click the pencil icon, enter the student score, and click the check mark to save the student score in the Ori Learning platform. No individual student responses are recorded.


  • On the last slide of a live participation lesson, teachers can complete the session to save student data and end the lesson. 
  • For students needing extra time with the lesson, click the purple check mark next to their name. This allows the student to complete the lesson independently in self-paced mode or for the teacher to discard the current data. 


  • When students reach the end of the lesson, on the last slide, students will be able to click the I'm Done button. This will save the student's responses and score for this lesson.