How do I monitor multi-lesson student progress?

All multi-lesson assignments are developed in student-paced mode.

To monitor active student lessons and assessments, follow the steps below. 

  • On the course dashboard, you can click the progress tab to view the high-level progress of the multi-lesson assignment. The gradebook shows a class view of student grades once they have completed the lesson or assessment in the multi-lesson series.

  • The progress tab also shows student progress on specific lessons or assessments through color coding. If a lesson or assessment hasn’t been started it is white, if it's in progress it is blue, if it's completed it is green, and those not viewable by students are gray with slashes.

  • To view individual student responses on lessons or assessments that are completed or in progress, teachers can click on the shaded box to view the individual student progress page. 
    • On this page, teachers can ensure the correct lesson or assessment title is selected on the left, and then click on the circles on the right to view the different questions and student responses.  
      • When the lesson or assessment is complete, teachers can view the overall score, the amount of time spent, review checkpoints, and assign a lesson or assessment retake if needed.