How do I monitor multi-lesson student progress?

Teachers can easily track ongoing student lessons and assessments by navigating to the course dashboard

To keep track of ongoing student lessons and assessments, simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Navigate to the course dashboard and click on the progress tab to track the overall progress of the multi-lesson assignment. In the gradebook, you can get a class-wide view of student grades after they have finished a lesson or assessment within the multi-lesson series.
  2. The progress tab utilizes color coding to visually indicate student progress on individual lessons or assessments. Lessons not started yet are depicted in white, tasks in progress are highlighted in blue, completed tasks are shown in green, and tasks that are not accessible to students are represented in gray with slashes.
  3. To access individual student responses for completed or ongoing lessons and assessments, teachers can simply click on the shaded box to view the individual student progress page.
    • Teachers can make sure they have selected the correct lesson or assessment title on the left side of the page. They can then click on the circles on the right to view the various questions and student responses.
      • Once the lesson or assessment is finished, teachers can review the overall score, the time spent, check review checkpoints, and offer a retake of the lesson or assessment if necessary.