How do I monitor single-lesson student progress?

Monitoring student progress varies depending on the chosen delivery mode.


During a front-of-class session, students do not input their responses into our system, leading to no progress to monitor within our platform. While you can enter class responses as you progress through the lesson, they are not stored on individual student progress pages.


In a live lesson, teachers have the ability to track student progress by clicking on the purple people icon located on the left-hand side of the screen. This feature allows teachers to view the number of activities completed by each student during the lesson.

To review student responses to specific check-for-understanding questions, teachers can click on the people icon next to the question slide. They can then click on a student's name to see individual responses and provide feedback. Teachers can also access an overall view of student responses with presentation mode on.


Teachers can track student progress by clicking on the people icon in the sessions tab to see each student's name and the percentage of activities completed..

To view individual student responses on check for understanding questions:
    • In student-paced mode, teachers can view individual student responses to check-for-understanding questions by clicking on the people tab next to the question slide.
    • To access a student's progress in student-paced mode, teachers can click on the students tab or select the student's name from the progress tab. This opens the individual student progress page, where teachers can view scores, time spent, and question responses for personalized feedback.