How do I monitor single-lesson student progress?

The way you monitor student progress varies by the delivery mode selected.


Students do not enter their responses into our system during a front-of-class session, so there is no progress to monitor within our platform. Class responses can be entered into the lesson as you complete the learning together, but they are not saved to the individual student progress page.


In a live lesson, teachers can monitor student progress within the platform by clicking the purple people icon on the left-hand side of the screen. In this view, the teacher can see the number of activities each student has completed within the lesson. 

To see student responses to specific check-for-understanding questions within the lesson, teachers can select the people icon next on the slide next to the question. With presentation mode off, teachers can click the student name from this screen to view individual student responses and provide feedback. Teachers can see an aggregated view of student responses if presentation mode is on.


To view the number of questions answered within the lesson, the teacher can select the sessions tab and the people icon. A small screen will open with each student’s name and the percentage of activities they have completed.

To view individual student responses on check for understanding questions:
    • The teacher can open the student-paced presentation. With the presentation open, the teacher can view specific pages with a check for understanding questions. On a page with the question, the teacher can select the people tab on the slide and click on the student’s name to view their individual responses to a question. 
    • If this is the student’s first time taking this lesson in student-paced mode, the teacher can select the students tab at the top of the teacher dashboard and click the student’s name. Teachers can also select the student’s name from the progress tab within the course dashboard. Both areas open the individual student progress page. With this page open, teachers can select the lesson or assessment to take a closer look. The right side of the screen will show the current student score, time spent on the activity, and circles representing each question asked within the lesson. Teachers can select each circle to view the question asked, the student response, and provide targeted feedback.