How do I update classes?

View the steps below to update classes, teachers, or students using Ori.

District and school Ori administrators have the ability to update classes and rosters. To do this, follow the steps below. 

  1. Log into
  2. Select admin sign in and log in
  3. Select the school name that needs updates
    1. District-level administrators must select the building icon on the left-hand side of the screen, select the sites tab, and select the school name that needs to be updated. 
    2. School-level administrators must select the graduation cap icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

  4. To update the available classes, select the classes tab.
    1. To delete a class: Select the class name, select delete, and click save. This does not delete the teacher and student accounts, but it does delete their connection through this class. 
    2. To add a class: Select the plus new button, type in the class title, and click save. 
  5. You can update class rosters in two ways. 
    1. Individual class roster update
        1. ADDING: If the teacher and student accounts are in Ori but need to be added to a class, follow the steps below.
          1. Select your class title, select the teacher's title, select the teacher(s) to add from the list, and click the +add button. Then, select the students title, select the students to add from the list, and click the +add button.
        2. REMOVING: If you want to remove students or teachers from a class and keep the class, click on the class title.
          1. Select the trashcan icon next to the teacher's name to remove teachers. To remove students, click the students title and click the trashcan next to the student's name. This will remove the teacher and/or student from the class but keep them in the Ori system.
    2. Bulk class roster update
      1. Be sure to have any new classes created by following steps 1 - 4.
      2. Select the sync students tab from the school site menu and download the excel spreadsheet. 
      3. For students no longer using Ori, highlight and delete the row. This will remove the student and their data from Ori. If you want to keep the student data but remove them from a class, delete the class(es) listed in columns G - M.
      4. To add students to Ori, enter their student information into excel. 
      5. To keep the student but change the class, focus on columns G - M. Ensure that the correct class names are entered in this section. 
      6. Once you are pleased with the updates, click save. 
      7. Back on the Ori dashboard, click upload, select the correct file, and click sync to input the new data into the system.