How do I use assignment checkpoints?

A checkpoint allows teachers to set the pace for students as they work through a self-paced multi-lesson assignment.

  • What is a checkpoint?
    • Checkpoints are set by teachers when they are creating the multi-lesson assignment for students. When a checkpoint is on, students can complete the lessons and assessments at their own pace until they reach a checkpoint. Once a checkpoint is reached, the teacher must release the checkpoint for students to move forward. 
  • How are teachers notified when a checkpoint is reached?
    • When a checkpoint is reached, a purple notification will appear at the top of the teacher's screen by the activity tab. 
    • To view the student activity, the teacher clicks on the activity tab to see the checkpoint information.
    • The teacher can click on the checkpoint reached notification to review the student's work and approve the checkpoint.
    • The teacher can also receive a checkpoint notification with an orange icon in the following places: 
      • Within the course, when viewing the progress grid, teachers can see the checkpoint notification next to the specific student and lesson. In this view, multiple students can be selected, and their checkpoints can be approved in bulk.
      • When you select the student tab at the top of the screen, teachers can select the student name to view if a checkpoint was reached on the course level.
      • On the student progress page, next to the relevant lesson, a prominent message and button appear, allowing the teacher to approve the checkpoint.

  • How do checkpoints impact students?
    • When the student reaches a checkpoint within the assignment, a message states, ”You've reached a course checkpoint. Once your teacher approves it, you will be able to move on to the next lesson.”
      • This lesson/assessment is complete for the student. They will not see their next activity until the teacher approves the checkpoint. 
    • Once the checkpoint is approved, the students can see their new lesson/assessment on their student dashboard.