How do I view my district/school progress and usage dashboards?

School and district administrator dashboards

Ori’s Progress and Usage Dashboards allow district and school administrators an at-a-glance view of students' progress as well as teachers' and students' usage of the curricula.

  • The progress section focuses on growth, as well as student progress with the courses assigned to them.
  • The usage section answers the questions: How many teachers and students accessed Ori on a weekly/monthly basis? How long did teachers and students spend working within Ori?

You can filter the data by Site (School), Class, Course, and time period for a more detailed look at the data. Site admins will see the data associated with their site/s only.

The progress section presents:

  • The average pre- and post-assessment scores, the number of observations taken into calculation for each one of the average scores and the number of points increase/decrease from pre-assessment score average to the post-assessment score average.
  • The number of students that were in each category of progress in each week/month. The graph also presents the results on a weekly or monthly basis. Both the pre- and post-assessments score averages and the graph can be presented for different time periods and for each one of the courses.


The usage section presents:

  • The number of teachers and the number of students that are logging in to Ori per week/month in the selected time period.
  • How long users spent working with Ori in a selected time period.