Student Accomodations

Translation, Read Aloud, Text Highlighting, Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, Enlarged Text, Play Notifications

Teachers will need to ensure that students utilizing accommodations turn enable them on their individual devices.

These cannot be set from the teacher device and must be set for each student on their device. After the initial setting, the settings will be saved for future logins for each student. 

To turn on the student accommodations, navigate to the gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the lesson presentation. 

Available accommodations include: 

  • Translation of the text and assessment content to over 60 languages
    • With this tool, students can translate words, sentences, or paragraphs into a language of their choosing. In order to use the translation, students should first choose the language they would like to translate to. Then students should highlight the word, sentence, or paragraph that they would like to translate and click the “Translate” button.
    • Students will also be able to hear the translated text when the “Read Aloud” accommodation is enabled (if this feature is not supported for the language your student selected, please contact us).
    • To enable the translation of answers, students should enable the “Translate answers on click” option. Once this option is enabled and students click on the answers, the answers will be translated, and the translated text will be displayed for several seconds.
  • Read aloud and text highlighting: text-to-speech
    • With the autoplay on, Read Aloud will automatically start every time a student navigates to a new page. The entire content of the page will be read aloud. 
    • Students can control the reading sequence by using the controls on the lower left corner of the screen. As well as, play and pause the read-aloud, and move the audio to the next or previous sentence.
    • With the read-aloud on and autoplay off, students can highlight a specific sentence or paragraph and click the “Read Aloud” button.
    • Answers to questions can be read aloud by clicking on the answers.
  • Voice typing: speech to text
    • Students can use voice typing when answering written response questions. To use this feature students simply select the ‘Microphone’ icon in the question response box.
  • Enlarged text
    • By utilizing the zoom scale, students can enlarge the text size.
  • Play Notification
      • A sound will be played when a notification pops up.