Student Course Navigation

Students can start a lesson or assessment by clicking the tile or entering the session code in the student portal, navigate through content using arrows and interactive features, and access accommodations by clicking the gear icon

To initiate a lesson, instruct your students to click on the lesson tile or enter the session code in the student portal.

  • In live participation mode, students interact with guidance from the teacher without arrows on their screen. They can click on videos, explore drop-down menus, access accommodations, and respond to questions.
  • In self-paced mode, students can navigate the presentation using purple arrows at the bottom of the screen, start videos, explore menus, enable accommodations, and respond to questions as they progress.
  • In the front of class mode, students will not be able to access the lesson through the student portal.
To begin an assessment, guide your students to click on the assessment tile or enter the session code in the student portal.
  • To progress through the assessment, students can easily navigate by utilizing the navigation arrows located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Students must answer the questions and click on the submit button to progress through the assessment.
  • Students will receive automatic feedback for most questions, except for subjective ones which will require grading and feedback from the teacher.
  • After finishing the assessment, students will be able to view their assessment score.
  • Students can access accommodations by clicking on the gear icon located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Students should click on the 'Submit Answer' button to ensure their responses are entered. If a question is missed, a reminder will prompt them to select 'Submit Answer' to proceed smoothly.