Student Dashboard: Starting a Session

Getting Students Started in a Session

After signing in, students will view the student dashboard. Across the top, students will see their most recent session and a box to enter a session code. The next section of the student dashboard is the ‘My Assignments’ area. In this section, students can toggle between active and completed sessions.

Attempting to access the most recent session

  • Students will click the course tile in the top left-hand corner of their screen. 

Attempting to access a session with a code

  • When teachers create a session, a new code will appear in a pop-up window and in the top right corner of the open presentation window. 
  • Teachers need to provide students with this code to enter into the ‘Got a code?’ box.

Attempting to access a created session with no code

To access an active course without a code, students will view the titles of the active courses and select the course tile they are attempting to access