Student Dashboard: Starting a Session

Students can easily navigate their student dashboard to access their most recent session, input a session code provided by their teacher, and switch between ongoing and completed assignments.

Upon logging in, students will be directed to the student dashboard. At the top of the dashboard, they will find information on their most recent session as well as a field to input a session code. Moving down the dashboard, students will come across the ‘My Assignments’ section where they can easily switch between ongoing and completed sessions.

To access the most recent session, students can simply click on the course tile located in the top left-hand corner of their screen.

To access using a session code, students can access a session by entering a short code provided by their teacher. This unique code will be displayed in a pop-up window or at the top right corner of the presentation screen. Teachers may share this code with students, who can then enter it into the ‘Got a code?’ box to join the session. 

Remember, entering the code is optional but can be a helpful way to quickly access the session.