Students Page Overview

The students page provides you with a list of students in your class.

Select the purple drop-down menu at the top to navigate between classes. 

When you select a student's name, you will view the student’s name, username, the last activity, and the item they were last working on.

You also have four different tabs available.

  • The dashboard tab will provide information regarding which courses the students are in. You can click on the course title from this screen to view detailed student progress. This is also a great spot to add feedback and grades. 
  • The session tab will show you which sessions the students are connected to. When you select a lesson title from this screen, you will be taken to the screen to view the current session progress. 
  • The activity tab will tell you about specific student activities. When you click on an activity item, you can view the activity in more detail. 
  • The license tab will show you the licenses associated with the student account.