Teacher Dashboard Overview

When you sign in, the first screen you see is the teacher dashboard.

Across the top of your screen are your key navigation tools.

  • Activity tab - a running feed of all of your student activity
  • Sessions tab - a list of all of your current or previous single-lesson sessions 
  • Courses tab - the curriculum warehouse with all instructional materials
  • Students tab - a list of your students and all of their data
  • Classes drop-down menu - allows you to switch your view if you have multiple classes
  • + New Assignment Button - quickly create a new assignment for students
  • ? Button - takes you to our different support options for the platform
  • Circle with your initial - allows you to update your account information and switch portals

Down the center of your screen, you will find a welcome video overviewing the platform, a section with your recently used sessions, and helpful tools for getting started.