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Where do I find the curriculum resources?

Select the courses tab at the top of your screen to preview the learning materials for the Transition, SEL for Transition, and High School SEL courses.

  • Select the COURSES tab at the top of the teacher portal
  • Select the course you want to explore. 

In the Course Materials section, you will find the teacher guide, student workbook, and ready-made presentations that you can preview for each lesson. Follow the easy steps below to access the materials. 

  • Select the lesson or assessment title you would like to review and assign. 
  • Select the preview button to view the ready-made presentation and formative assessment questions.
  • Select the lesson plan to review the recommended lesson steps.
  • In the Transition and SEL for Transition curricula, select the worksheet title to view the supplemental activity in google doc form. With the activity open, you can modify it to meet the needs of your students before printing or sharing it digitally with students. 
  • Select the plus new assignment button at the top of your screen to assign the learning to students. 

Additional Resources:

To view the additional resources in a course, select the view resources only to toggle. This is found below the title ‘Course Material’ on the top left side. In this section, you will find the lesson plans and worksheets for each lesson in PDF form, an answer key, and a certificate of completion for students.