Welcome to Ori

We are excited to support you in joining the community of thousands of teachers partnering with us to provide students the skills to live what they learn.

At Ori Learning, we believe in a future where students can confidently navigate all stages of life. That’s why we pride ourselves on creating Transition and SEL lessons using the best instructional practices, research-based strategies, and developmentally appropriate activities for all students.


Ori Learning is an easy-to-use tech curriculum platform that allows teachers to save time and expand student outcomes. Each lesson contains ready-made lesson plans, engaging lesson presentations with embedded assessment questions, project-based tasks highlighting student voice and choice, and data tools to monitor student progress effectively.


Our flexible delivery model allows students to access the content in a way that best meets their needs. The three experiences available are front-of-class mode, where the teacher presents from the teacher screen; live-participation mode, where students will access the learning on their device while the teacher directs the pacing; and self-paced mode, where students can progress through the lesson independently. 


Now that you know about us, we’d love to learn more about you and your students! As you utilize the platform, let us know what you think! Educator and student feedback drive the evolution of our company as we strive to partner with schools in cultivating a place of belonging for all students as they gain the skills to learn for life!