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What delivery modes are available?

At Ori, we know that flexibility matters.

Educators can determine the way students receive each lesson. This allows the instruction to be delivered in whole group, small group, individual, remote, or an in-person setting. Below is an overview of each delivery mode. 

  • Front of Class (single lesson only) - Teachers and students move through the lesson together, with the lesson presentation delivered on a teacher's screen. Students will work together as a class to answer questions and gain a deeper understanding. For data, teachers will still have the ability to enroll the students in courses and manually assign student scores.

  • Live-Participation Mode (single lesson only) - Teachers and students can access the lesson on their devices. Student voice will take the lead as students interact with questions independently. Simultaneously, the teacher sets the pace by controlling which page the class views and determining when to go to the next slide.
  • Self-paced Mode (single and multi-lesson assignment) - This mode allows for students to complete the lesson independently from start to finish. Note: When enrolling students in this mode, the educator must enter a date for this assignment to close.