What happens when students complete a lesson within the multi-lesson assignment?

When students reach the end of the lesson or assessment within the assignment series, on the last slide, they can view the score they earned on the specific lesson or assessment.

Teachers can view this score in one of three places. 

(1) The activity tab at the top of the screen will show a purple notification alerting you that a student has completed an activity. 
    • Click activity to view recent student progress. 
    • Click the title that shows a student has completed a lesson or assessment. 
    • You can view the student’s score and provide feedback from this area.

(2) The progress tab on the course dashboard. 

    • This gradebook view will show the teacher the percentage each student earned on a specific lesson or assessment. 
    • The teacher can click the student’s score to view individual student responses on the individual student progress page.

(3) The student page. 

    • Click the student tab at the top of the teacher screen. 
    • Click the student’s name whose score you would like to view. This will take you to the individual student progress page. 
    • From here, click the course title the lesson is located in. 
    • Then, click the lesson title from the left-hand side and view the student responses to questions on the right-hand side of the screen. 

If the student reaches a checkpoint when they complete a lesson or assessment, the student will be notified that they have reached a checkpoint and can move on once the teacher approves the checkpoint. 

If no checkpoint is assigned, students will be directed back to their student dashboard after the completed lesson or assessment to open their next task in the assignment.