What happens when students complete a lesson within the multi-lesson assignment?

When students reach the end of the lesson or assessment within the assignment series, on the last slide, they can view the score they earned on the specific lesson or assessment.

Educators have the option to check out this score in three different locations.

At the top of the screen, educators can easily find the activity tab to check when a student completes an activity, view their score, and provide feedback.

Moreover, the course dashboard features a progress tab that showcases the percentage each student achieved on a specific lesson or assessment. To access this, click on 'Courses' at the top and then select 'Progress' to review the course progress. By clicking on a student's score, teachers can delve into individual student responses on the progress page.

Additionally, you can easily navigate to the student page by clicking on the student tab at the top of the screen. Simply select the student's name to access their individual progress page. From there, click on the course title where the lesson is located, then select the lesson title to see the student's responses to questions.

Upon completing a lesson or assessment, students will receive a notification if they reach a checkpoint. Once approved by the teacher, students can proceed to the next task. In cases where no checkpoint is set, students will be directed back to their student dashboard to access their next assignment after completing the lesson or assessment.