What are the duties of a site administrator?

Primary school administrators can be designated by the Ori Team or district administrator to track student progress, access usage data, set up accounts, create classes, assign additional administrators, and deactivate user accounts.

The primary school (site) administrator(s) can be designated either by the Ori Team or by the district administrator.

  • Site administrators have the capability to track the progress of their students and access usage data for both students and teachers using the Admin Dashboard.
  • Site administrators have the ability to access and download high level reports on usage, progress, user activity, and roster management for the specific site(s) they are overseeing.
  • Set up accounts for both teachers and students.
  • Create classes and organize teachers and students into their respective groups.
  • Assign additional site administrators to assist in overseeing data management for the school and monitoring user accounts.
  • Deactivate user accounts