July Updates!

We recently relaunched our Ori Learning platform with tons of new features that put students and teachers first! Let's review the updates below. 

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  • Live delivery mode
    • Before teachers relied heavily on the traditional best practices to keep students engaged. Now, partner with your technology! In live mode, students log in on their own devices and consistently interact with real-world scenarios as teachers set the pace. Learn more here.
  • Interactive real-world scenarios
    • Our formative assessment questions also have a new look! Encourage students to use their voices and build on their life experiences by utilizing features like our collaboration board and polls. 
  • New Session Feature
    • Lastly, we have our new session feature. By utilizing sessions, teachers eliminate information overload by enrolling students in one lesson at a time. Learn more here.

If you have any questions or feedback to bring to our attention, please connect with us on our in-app chat or email your customer success manager. 

We are happy to help!