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How do I add a new teacher to a site in my district?

Add New Teachers to School (Site) in the Admin Portal

Complete the following steps to add a new teacher to one of the schools (sites) in your district:

  • Click on the “Sites” tab.
  • Select the school you would like the new teacher to be assigned to.
  • Click on the “Users” tab.
  • Click the “+ New” button.
  • Select “User Type” as “Teacher”.
  • Complete the required fields.
    Add new teacher
  • Log-In with Google: Make sure to specify the Google connected email to allow teachers to log in with Google Sign In and skip the password creation step.
  • Log-In with Clever: Please contact Ori to set up log-in with Clever.
  • Usernames within Ori are unique. In order to ensure you are choosing a unique username, we recommend using email addresses.
  • When all fields are complete, click the “Create” button.
  • The teacher will receive a welcome email inviting them to set up their personal password and log-in to the Ori teacher website. Teachers that have their email connected to a Google account, can skip the password set up step and sign in with Google.
  • Accounts creation can be done from the district “Users” tab as well as from the school (site) “Users” tab. When creating a teacher account from the district “Users” tab, make sure to select the school the student should be assigned to.
  • After an account is created, assign the teacher to a class, click here to learn more.