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How do I update users' accounts in my district?

Change User Names, Update User Email Address, Update User Site, Send Password Reset

To update users’ accounts, navigate to the “Users” tab. Use the search and filter options to find the account you are looking for. Use the “Active Only” toggle to view active only or active and inactive accounts.

  • To update users details by editing the relevant fields and click "Save".
  • Update site assignment by clicking on "Assigned Sites" - you can reassign the user from one site to another or assign the user to more then one site.
  • Update class assignment by clicking on "Assigned Classes" - you can update assigned classes or assign more then one class.
  • Resend the welcome email with a link to set up the password by clicking on the "Reset Password" button.
  • Reset students password by clicking on the "Set Student Password" button.
  • Update user accounts in bulk using the sync feature. Click here for more details