December Updates!

Now assign multi-lesson assignments to your students!

We’re thankful for the Ori Learning community this year more than ever! You have provided your expertise and insight to help us enhance our platform and curricula to increase student success. Before closing out 2022, we have two more holiday goodies to share with you!

Starting Monday, December 5, we are gifting you the ability to assign students multiple Ori Learning lessons and assessments at once!! 

 How does this work?

All users will assign student coursework via the plus new assignment button located at the top of each teacher screen, rather than the plus new session button that used to be located at the lesson level.

After selecting the plus new assignment button, you will determine the delivery mode. If you select student-paced mode, you can elect to provide a multi-lesson/assessment assignment to your students or a single lesson. Live participation and front-of-class delivery modes are still available in single-lesson delivery. 

Are you ready to get started? Click the titles below to view each section's step-by-step instructional guides.