January Tips and Tricks

Hey Ori Educators,

January is a great time to support your students as they set new goals for the year ahead. With Ori’s interactive lessons, you can capture their energy and passion as they navigate the opportunities ahead.

Share the lesson or course title from the list below with your teacher team to make 2023 the year of evolution with your students!

Setting New Goals

    • Transition Course: Setting Personal Goals - In this 16-lesson course, students explore how to set SMART goals, practice breaking down a large goal into smaller achievable goals, and take a deeper look at adjusting along the way.

    • SEL for Transition Course: Self-Management: Unit Goal Setting - In this 4-lesson unit, students explore the motivation and discipline tied to goal setting, the effectiveness of setting a SMART goal, strategies to overcome the emotions of fear and frustration when working towards a goal, and take a deeper look at the importance of persistence and grit.

  • Social Emotional Learning: Unit Self-Management - In this 5-lesson unit, students explore their emotions and increase their skills to manage them. They also look deeper at managing stress, prioritizing time, and building healthy habits. 

*Keep in mind that each course or unit can be used as a string of lessons together, or elect to use a lesson as a standalone opportunity to utilize with your students as they
move through the learning with you, their peers, or independently.*

Platform Reminders


As a holiday treat for your teachers, we updated the teacher dashboard in December to allow users to assign a single lesson session or a self-paced multi-lesson assignment. All teachers will now assign the learning to students using the +new assignment button at the top of the teacher dashboard. To learn more about the updates and multi-lesson assignment features, click here. If your team is not seeing the purple +new assignment button at the top of their dashboard, please ensure classes have been created for each teacher. (Click here to view the steps to create classes)

If you are an Ori Learning administrator who does not utilize a single-sign-in service such as Clever or ClassLink, please update your class rosters in our system. To view the steps on how to update rosters, click here